22nd Edition of Best Lawyers, 2016 Recognizes Nine Dawda Mann Lawyers

Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Dawda Mann provides counsel to business owners and their companies and offers representation to individuals for tax, estate, and personal planning. In August 2015, nine of Dawda Mann’s attorneys received awards from the 22nd Edition of The Best Lawyers in America, 2016. Considered the most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession worldwide, Best Lawyers releases rankings using data collected from extensive study of peer reviews.

Best Lawyers’ methodology strives to capture the consensus opinion of leading lawyers regarding the professionalism and skill of colleagues within their geographical and practice areas. It utilizes a survey process designed to obtain meaningful and complete evaluations of professionals’ legal skill and services through a five-step process that encourages lawyers to nominate worthy colleagues. Additionally, the organization operates with the stance that effective peer review relates directly to the quality of its voting pool.

The five-step process begins with an initial phase in which the organization collects awards nominations from lawyers, clients, and marketing teams. Lawyers listed within its voting pool then receive ballots for Best Lawyer, which are designed to reflect the voter’s practice and geographical areas and ask them to rate nominees on a scale of one to five. Best Lawyers editorial staff select winners by reviewing votes and comments and cross-reference the nominees’ standing with the ethics committee of their respective state bar associations. The final step in the process involves the public announcement of the winners.

Dawda Mann attorneys included in the 22nd Edition of Best Lawyers include William L. Rosin, Theresa C. Joswick, Curtis J. Mann, and Tyler D. Tennent. In addition, cofounder Edward C. Dawda received the prestigious Lawyer of the Year award for the 10th year in a row.


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